Sanfte Strukturen

Collective building art projects

Willow Construction

Willow Dome

Rostock to the international horticultural exhibition 2001

The living architecture with its growth and the associated constant change and transformation makes this a symbol of the modern church. The spaces open all around and upwards symbolize the openness of the new ecumenical church.

The resolution of the opposites of architecture and nature, of construction and structure in the planted architectures enchants people and makes them admire the beauty of nature and its vitality. This “admiration of nature in architecture” is a new and surprising experience for most visitors – a contribution to the enchantment of demystified everyday life.

Project management:
Sanfte Strukturen: Marcel Kalberer, Dorothea Kalberer, Bernadette Mercx, Adrian Schneider, Moritz Freise, Anna Kalberer


Sanfte Strukturen