Sanfte Strukturen

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Willow Construction

Boizenburger Schneck

Elbe – 2005

Weidensinfonie und Weidenschneck
“Willow symphony and willow snail”

In the immediate vicinity of Boizenburg harbor is a unique “meeting place”, the so-called Weidenschneck.
During the summer months, it is used for numerous cultural events. With its vaulted ceiling, through which the sun twinkles in fine weather, and the small tower next to it, the tree structure is also somewhat reminiscent of a church.
Adjacent to the Schneck is a 450-meter-long willow walkway, which in 2023 was musically interpreted by the musician Jojo Büld and the musician Dorle Ferber, to a willow symphony.
On site you can listen to the synphony during a walk via a QR code.

Marcel Kalberer, Dorothea Kalb-Brenek, Anna Kalberer, Marcel Kalberer, Bernadette Mercx

Project management: Marcel Kalberer


Sanfte Strukturen