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Collective building art projects

Bamboo Tents

Shade trees

Shade dispenser in Ludwigshafen Hack Museum Garden – 06.2018

A project that we carried out for the first time in this form, because the materials are mixed:

The bases are made of concrete, into which steel pipes were concreted; these were sheathed with bamboo over the surface.
The “sun fronds” are made of elephant grass, woven into a wire mesh.
The upper concrete rings were filled with soil to allow plant growth that can also climb up to the crowns of these shade trees.

Planning and execution: Anna Kalberer and Peedy Evacic.
Some gardeners of this urban gardening project were supportive; thank you for that!

We thank Norbert Hufler for this photo series, which shows for the first time the realization of a project in its complete development.

Two video clips are very interesting: They show the stability of the shade trees during a storm; the umbrellas of elephant grass had already withstood the second attack of a weather front without damage.

Sanfte Strukturen