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Collective building art projects

fine art


Dorothea Kalberer-Brenek
a.k.a.Dorothea Kalb
studies at the academy of arts in Stuttgart
since1975 freelance work
co-founder of the group Gentle Structures
Realization of mosaic figures,water spouting animals and seating in public spaces

projects at schools+++projects with refugees +++neighborhood projects

3 Fibonacci spirals

Culture and city history museum, Duisburg
Shedhalle, Krefeld
Ludwig-Uhland-School, Leinfelden

Just as in a mosaic a larger whole is created from many small individual pieces, prefabricated motifs are best suited when many people are working at the same time.

Fish and the world, Wiestorschule überlingen
Waterspouting whale, Hans-Fallada-School, Berlin
Butterflies, Bühlowstrasse daycare center, Berlin
From 0 to 100, Michael Ende School, Unterschleissheim

Dorothea Kalberer-Brenek
aka Dorothea Kalb

Tel: +4975571363
Mobile: +4916094681975

Sanfte Strukturen