Sanfte Strukturen

Collective building art projects

Willow Construction


Auerstedt – 1998

Living architecture

The Auerworld Palace was built in March/April 1998 with 300 volunteers from all over the world.

The way it was built reflects the potential of energies generated when working hand in hand in a community. Marcel Kalberer was assisted by other “Sanfte Strukturen” artists who guided the many different volunteers during the construction of this palace.

The Full Moon events are already legendary and more than 80,000 visitors have been attracted from far and near. As the first living large tree plant, it became a gratefully received tourist attraction. Located in the countryside between Weimar and Naumburg.

The Auerworld Palace is also called the “mother of all willow buildings”.

Project management:
Sanfte Strukturen: Marcel Kalberer, Anna Kalberer, Peedy Evacic, Bernadette Mercx, Dorothea Kalb-Brenek, Eugen Lüdi, Therese Vögtlin, Jacky Roland, Philippe Rohner.

Client: Weimar99, Cultural Capital of Europe – Weimarer Land.
Auerstedt Support Association: Micky Remann, Klaus Böhm, Horst Machts.


Sanfte Strukturen