Sanfte Strukturen

Collective building art projects

Willow Construction

Willow Castle

Bremerhaven – 2003

Bremerhaven’s public willow building action from March 24 – April 19, 2003 Organizer: Gartenbauamt Bremerhaven

The Willow Castle in the Speckenbüttel Health Park was created in 2003 as a project of the Bremerhaven Horticultural Office in about 4 weeks of construction time. The living structure has 6 side domes and a central dome that measures over 12 meters. The willow castle invites you to rest, dream and meditate. A place where creative activity takes place.
Music, theater, play and dance. The Bremerhaven Willow Castle is an important contribution to the realization of the Speckenbüttel Health Park.

Project management:
Sanfte Strukturen: Marcel Kalberer, Dorothea Kalb-Brenek, Anna Kalberer, Peedy Evacic, Bernadette Mercx, Eugen Lüdi, Philippe Rohner, Jacky together with a total of 200 students and volunteers from Bremerhaven, the region and the music of “Stiller Has”.


Sanfte Strukturen